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Capturing Images from Above

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FAA Certified Remote Pilot

Insured, Professional Drone Operator


More than just capturing a Bird's Eye View


Drones are far more versatile than most people think.


While they are great for establishing shots, I also like to come in close to a subject, allowing for a more dynamic visual story.


Drones can be used to create dolly or crane shots with great effect, while saving on production time, and on your budget.

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Add more visual impact to your project with the addition of Drone Footage. 

We can create custom aerial shots for your project, or you can license existing footage.



Click here so see video and still photos available for license. 


The best way to showcase your property is by capturing images both from above (Aerial) and from the ground (Terra-based). Tell your story with sweeping exterior shots, and dynamic interior scenes, moving video or still photography, giving the best opportunity to showcase and sell your property.

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Add dynamic look to your wedding video by capturing some of it with a drone. 

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